WP User Avatars 1.0.1

Out now is WP User Avatars 1.0.1. It takes advantage of newer improvements to WordPress that allow us to go back to using the native get_avatar() function, and also updates its markup from h3 to h2 to match changes to WordPress in 4.4.

This release also includes the first GitHub community improvement from Nashwan Doaqan, who contributed a right-to-left stylesheet to flip things right for those who need it.

We really hope you’ll enjoy these improvements!

Flox uses Mattermost

We love our customers and clients, and we love communication. We also spend all day, everyday, building the best communication tools on the web around the world’s most popular open-source platform.

For project management & software development, we chose GitLab, and it has proven to be the ideal solution to solve a problem that wasn’t valuable for us to take on ourselves. For similar reasons, we’ve chosen Mattermost for real-time communication.

If you haven’t heard of it or used it, it’s current claim-to-fame is being the open-source version of Slack. We host Mattermost ourselves, and all of our communications are encrypted & under our own control. Because many of our clients require the utmost care be taken with their ideas & data, Mattermost is the best way we can guarantee ownership & responsibility over the communication that surrounds our relationship with them.

We also love how much it looks like GitLab and WordPress:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 1.47.48 PM
Mattermost 3.0.0

Internally, we have a Team that’s exclusive to staff members only. This is basically our water cooler, and a place where we can bounce ideas off of each other before going public with anything. Externally, we have a Team for supporting our growing suite of plugins, themes, and services. In the future, Mattermost can grow with us as our needs change without much additional overhead.

Mattermost is licensed Apache 2.0, which makes it (mostly) spiritually aligned with our company philosophies surrounding the usage of and contribution to open-source software. We’ve already started getting acclimated with their community & development process, and are really excited to help improve Mattermost where we are able.

WP User Profiles 0.1.9

Released today is WP User Profiles 0.1.9. This release is neat because it’s the first plugin we know of to add bonafide support for WordPress’s “User Dashboard” in multisite installations.

You can download WP User Profiles from:

WP User Avatars 0.1.2

Released today is WP User Avatars 0.1.2. This WordPress plugin allows your registered users the ability to upload their own avatars, or choose one from the media library of the site they are currently inside the dashboard of.

Your Profile (+1100px)
Your Profile (-1100px)
WP User Profiles (Side)
WP User Profiles (Normal)

You can download WP User Avatars from:

WP User Profiles 0.1.2

Released today is WP User Profiles 0.1.2. This WordPress plugin supercharges the “Your Profile” and user-editing experience by partitioning WordPress’s lengthy built-in page into smaller, easier to manage sections.


You can download WP User Profiles from:

WP User Groups 0.1.5

Released today is WP User Groups 0.1.5. With it comes two new functions to help third party developers interact with registered user-groups more easily.

WP User Groups 0.1.5
WP User Groups 0.1.5

You can download 0.1.5 from:

WP User Activity 0.1.3

WP User Activity 0.1.3 is out! It adds a filter for menu-humility, allowing the top-level admin menu to be tucked under the “Dashboard” menu, which helps clean up the menu a bit. It also tightens up some user capabilities to help avoid some user-interface confusion.

Menu Humility
Menu Humility

You can download 0.1.3 from:

WP Chosen 0.1.1

WP Chosen 0.1.1 is out! It fixes 1 styling bug on certain WordPress admin area pages causing the Chosen search input to be wider than the dropdown.

Bug in 0.1.0

You can download it from:

Flox uses GitLab

Since starting Flox last year, it was immediately obvious we would need a place to store all of our “things” – and in a way that was both free from prying eyes and sophisticated enough to be adaptable to the many tasks that would lie ahead. Some of our clientele have strict requirements when it comes to the privacy of their code, content, and relationships, so while we knew we needed version control, we weren’t certain what the details would look like.

We chose GitLab initially because we banked on using Git as our version control system, and knew we would need to self-host at least some things. Eventually we came to realize the system itself and the team behind it are both rock solid foundations, and it has continued to be a well maintained and feature rich experience for us so far.

Plus, it’s gotten increasingly beautiful with each subsequent release. Kinda looks like WordPress, in a way…

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 15.37.04

We push all of our open source code to GitHub, and mirror it in our own private Gitlab. We keep client projects, dependencies, contracts, design work, and everything else in GitLab, too. Eventually, when we open source all of flox.io, it will happen in GitLab with a GitHub mirror.

GitLab CI comes bundled with GitLab 8.0 which means we received, for free, an enormous value for the type of work that we do and how we do it. With each GitLab release, we grow increasingly confident with our decision to use another outstanding open-source piece of software, built by the individuals that are the most passionate about solving these problems for us in the best way possible.

GitLab is MIT licensed, which means it’s GPL friendly. It’s simple to install and update, and is a really impressive piece of software once you start utilizing all of it’s built-in tooling.

So, thanks GitLab team for everything, and if you’re considering using GitLab and haven’t yet, it’s been pretty great for us so far, and I have a feeling it could be for y’all as well. <3

Swifter 1.0.0 Released

After several months of development and private beta testing, Swifter 1.0.0 is now available for purchase.

Swifter is a WordPress theme built with the best stuff on the web for creating great websites. We started with Underscores and stylized it with Bootstrap, then tossed in BuddyPress & bbPress support for free, right from the start.

The attention to detail that went into Swifter is an astonishing undertaking for a WordPress theme. It accurately represents the marrying together of the most flexible elements available to the modern web, and is the first of it’s kind to support all three of the best available open-source blogging, community, and support projects in the world – WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress.

We think you’re really going to love it, and can’t wait for you to try it out and let us know what you think.

Buy Swifter